About Us

Jewels Depot is all about colors, glitter and handcrafting quality. We proudly state that all our jewelry is handcrafted and hypoallergenic with only genuine embellishments. All crystals in our jewelry are Swarovski Crystal Elements. All pearls are natural freshwater pearls or Swarovski pearls. All precious and semi-precious gemstones are genuine. If the jewelry piece is not made of 14K gold or .925 sterling silver, then it is 14k or 18k white gold rhodium plated in either silver finish or gold finish (making it hypoallergenic).

All items manufactured are covered by a 1 year warranty and come with a Certificate of Authenticity in a Glimmering™ branded velvet pouch. Branded Glimmering™ gift bag sets are available upon request as per shipping allowance.

Now back to Jewels Depot: Since its inception in 2008, our company has evolved itself into a hub for gorgeous, authentic jewelry pieces at splurge enticing prices. We believe everyone has the right to adorn themselves in luxuriousness.

We crave for providing our clients confidence. At jewelsdepot.com you can treasure hunt with the trust that you will find luxury without the hefty price tag. This is our mantra.

Designed in the USA. Glimmering Designs are inspired by Swarovski, Ted Baker, Kate Spade and the likes in jewelry trendsetters.

Enjoy gifting in your special moments with our ideal gifting solutions! Free gift pouch sets with every purchase! Birthstone concepts & personalized color preference options.

We strive to fulfill what gives jewelry quality in manufacture and design, what gives jewelry worth in sentiment, what price range is most comfortable for our customers, what service and assurance our customers need to make their purchase a confident one!